UrbanDaddy: An Enchanted Dinner Destination From One of Baja’s/Earth’s Most Celebrated Chefs

This Could Be One to Scratch Off Your Dinner Bucket List

By Hadley Tomicki

37282ff3f06e21a7543c852aefa48eb513 PhotosVerlaine
Feel that?

Spring is in the air.

Birds are singing. Less falling water drops are bouncing off of your head. And you can practically smell the pickled pork trotter dumplings.

Yes, it’s time for Verlaine, the small-sized-but-very-big-deal new Beverly restaurant opening tomorrow from chef Diego Hernandez.

You will not be eating chips and salsa here. You will, however, be eating beautiful dishes from one of Mexico’s/earth’s most celebrated chefs using produce that will soon be growing on the walls in this breezy reworking of the old Dominick’s space, with people who are interested in such things.

There you’ll be some night soon under the retractable roof. Grilled oysters and fresh ceviche on housemade tostadas segueing into pickled pork trotter chochoyote dumplings and 42-day dry-aged ribeye. Room not being saved for guava flan. Guava flan being procured nonetheless.

And with all that time you’re saving on a drive to Baja, feel free to experiment with a few cocktails. Their creator also spawned the drinks at Salazar, so you’re likely to find something you’ve never had before. Like the Family Heirloom with garlic-infused milk vodka, poblano chili liqueur, smoked beet juice and yellow heirloom tomato salsa.

Unless you just want to make that at home.

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